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A fine man named Wilson operated the cash registers, praising UPC's, hoping that his shit boss wouldn't inject him with the rusty needle known as overtime. "Well I just want to jerk off!" He says. "Press your cock against the counter & let that fucker subside, you've got five more hours."
"Thanks boss; I respect every bone in your slug-like being" Regardless he grabs his cock like a mother holding her child's hand across the street. An elderly women named Florence approaches Wilson, cock in hand & all. Luckily she is as blind as the church & praises this man. Wilson, stiff cock in hand begins to scan an orgasm of groceries, but as he grabs the One Direction disk he busts his load, cums on her eyes & sure enough her vision returned.
Wilson, the christ of cum.


from Bushman, released April 8, 2017
Adis Kaltak: Bass & Vox
Allen McAllister: Drums
Brett Dame: Guitar
Cam Frank: Guitar




Ape Not Kill Ape Grand Rapids, Michigan

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