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December unites
She holds us tight
Hoping I won't lose the grip
I so quickly denied
Generally growing
Her sickness is showing
Over & over
She peers over shoulders
I wanna be free
God, hold me closer
Risky move, for a safe lady...

October frights
Chills at night
Trying to repress
The fleshless beast
Thats growing inside
Lulls that linger
Grow in the winter
Clawing to cause a divide
& laughs that loosen
Are picked & chosen
Somewhere so deep down inside
Risky move, for a safe lady
She shouldn't of done that
She is redundant
Her pussy gone crazy

A white girl in her white home, white cars in her white abode. A white fashion sense, don't it make you feel sick to end up like all of the rest?Well I don't wanna die like that baby, prey that God shall save me.

Risky move, for a safe lady.


from Bushman, released April 8, 2017
Adis Kaltak: Bass & Vox
Allen McAllister: Drums
Brett Dame: Guitar
Cam Frank: Guitar & Organ




Ape Not Kill Ape Grand Rapids, Michigan

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