Graveyard Dog

from by Ape Not Kill Ape



Graveyard dog
Cleans my urn
Bones are scattered
Among the ruins
Graveyard Dog
I stare at holes
In outer space
Waiting for the day
Graveyard dog
Baptize me
Redemption for Wounded Knee

Well the martyr of sadomasochism
Stumbled past the pillars
The fascists chased him
His fathers killers
Knees shake, greet the crowd
Upside down
Graveyard Dog....

His mother left him
Father long dead
God bless his brother
For words never said
Now vision red
It's fixed on dog
But his body gone
I said his body gone

God bless the guillotine
God bless the life we live
God bless the internet
& God bless our shallow hearts


from Bushman, released April 8, 2017




Ape Not Kill Ape Grand Rapids, Michigan

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